Who We Are

We are a group of musicians from all over the world, regularly organizing projects for a good cause. Music, cultural exchange, travelling and friendship are our foundations.


Through sponsors and sales from merchandise we are covering our expenses. All proceeds from our shows go to a good cause that we choose before each project.


Mainly we are performing blues and singer-songwriter style songs.

What People Say

Ungelt Jazz Club, Prague Cz

Polka ´n´ Blues had two concerts in Jazz Club Ungelt in Prague at the start of August. The band consisted of excellent musicians from around the world. Atmosphere during the concert was awesome and everybody in the club enjoyed it. It was unique opportunity to hear and see talented, energetic and humorous musiciants together. It was an unforgettable experience. We are looking forward to another of their great show in our Jazz Club.


Besenhex Traditional Restaurant, GER

"Never seen the Besenhex so packed. Also we had guests from the age of 16 - 80. Staying till the last song. People ask us constantly to have another event like that."


Hügelhelden News Blog, GER

Overheard two old local fellas. “I’m so grateful that I could experience that in my lifetime.”


Our Story

Everything started with a journey and a dream. Simon Buss was travelling down the Mississippi to play with local artists and discover the origins of the blues. This inspired him to initiate a project for a good cause involving musicians from the USA and Germany.

Back home in Europe, Simon began planning the first project (Stories of Bluesmen & Songwriters). People he met during his trip and a harp player Simon knew from way back got together in Memphis in 2013. After a great success and a growing friendship between the musicians, all of them decided to meet again for a project in Germany.


Word spread and more and more artist wanted to be involved. For “Polka ‘n’ Blues” in 2015 the group already went up to 20 musicians from France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and the USA. The same combo got together in France the following year. “Live on stage” included their biggest shows so far.


In 2018 a smaller group offered free workshops for students at a high school in Germany. (Nothing but the Blues) After a fun week they played a gig together with the students, followed by a small tour in France and Germany.

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